Provident365 Managed IT Services allow our clients to focus on growing your business while we focus on your IT concerns




PROVIDENT365 Proactive Managed IT Services powered by Pro-Datech Systems provide fully managed I.T support services that offers exceptional value to their I.T departments. With our extensive knowledge in servicing large MNCs, Financial, SMEs, Government Agencies, Healthcare & Education Institutions, we are capable and experienced in handling the most complex and advance I.T environments. This in turn enables our client to focus in growing their business through harnessing predictable technologies and gaining competitive edge while keeping their business operations running without unnecessary outages.

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Why do you need our Managed IT services?

Provident365cTo achieve flexible and challenge-free processes

With our help, you can start focusing on managing your business rather than spending all your time managing technological environments

You won't have to worry about evolving hardware, software updates, resources utilized by your systems, bandwidth requirements or any such technological complexities of your I.T departments.

Our professional and skilled staff will provide top-notch maintenance services that will secure and optimize your systems

How we can Help?

PROVIDENT365 Fully Managed IT Services provides a strategically optimized service that protects your company's infrastructure and maintains smooth operations.

Our I.T team is very fast and efficient. We detect the issues before they happen, thus ensuring continuity in your business.

Our main target is efficiency, where we connect your employee workstations, servers and devices and streamline them to work together properly.

We keep our client's goals in mind while performing our services, and we are ready to meet the changes and expansions required by your organization.

With our centralized application and servers, your company can access your resources in virtually, which in turn will lead to an improvement in the staff performance.

We adopt the best industry practices and actual experience which will ensure a secure IT infrastructure for your company as you will not face any unforeseen risks. Our services are tailored to meet each of our client's needs.

If you have an I.T department already, we will complement and supplement them with our services. Our team is also trained to work along with our client's I.T teams to provide the necessary support, advice and assistance.

By using our service, you can lessen the work load of your workers while channeling their focus to more productive areas and drive business growth.

We bring you the assurance of continuity and the guarantee that there will be no delays or drawbacks once we start managing your company's I.T management.

There will also be no negative effect in your key functions and your systems' working will be enhanced.

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