Up Close & Personal - That is how we like our relationships with our valued customers, partners, staff and stakeholders. As the management and founders of Pro-Datech, we take pride in what we do and who we are in person. So you can have the assurance that we are committed to deliver our best as individuals and a company.

The Management Team
SK "I always believe in trust and openness in our relationships with clients, partners and staff. This has been fundamental to Pro-Datech's continued success and growth."

Ms Chew Siew Kheng 

Founder of Pro-Datech, Head of Operations

At the helm of Pro-Datech's continued growth and success, my role goes beyond creating opportunities for our businesses, customers, partners and staff. It's about building strong, meaningful, trusting relationships with them that really matter. It is this core belief that has earned Pro-Datech its reputation as a formidable and holistic IT solutions and consultancy provider through the years. We are, have been and always will be committed to deliver our promises with integrity and efficiency. After all, we value each and every one of our clients, partners and staff as more than just our associates - but our friends.


TY "Through new, leading-edge technologies, we are better able to provide our clients with the latest, most efficient solutions that meet their ever-changing business needs."

Mr. Thomas Yeo

Founder of Pro-Datech, Group CTO

As the Group’s CTO, my priorities are to constantly bring new, leading-edge technologies that leverage, diversify and synergize Pro-Datech's core expertise and Group’s overall business propositions. In doing so, we are better able to provide our clients with more comprehensive, end-to-end IT solutions that effectively meet their business needs. Our focus in providing the best technologies has been integral to our ever-growing partnerships with some of the industry's leading vendors and in building long-term relationships with customers - old and new.

DC "To rise above any challenge, one must be humble, resilient and down to-earth. This applies not just to who we are, but the solutions and services we provide."

Mr. Daniel Cheng

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Responsible for Pro-Datech's on-going business strategies and operational activities, my focus has always been to build on our key strengths, expertise and experience to stay ahead of the market and remain relevant to our clients and partners. With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry holding various strategic management positions, it is my belief that by taking on a pragmatic and customer centric approach, we will always propose the most appropriate solution to meet our client’s needs. It is with this earnest attitude that has developed the trust and values that forged many great alliances with our partners and clients alike. Looking ahead now that we are part of Cloudaron, I am extremely excited for Pro-Datech’s future to take on even larger and complex assignments, offer a wider spectrum of services on a recurring basis and making our mark across the region - anything's possible with Pro-Datech and we are committed to deliver!


Mr. Thomas Low

Regional Services Director

Responsible for Pro-Datech's overall technical and managed services, and to expand these services offerings in the Asia region. With over 23 years of senior IT management experience, I am excited to share my extensive experience and share my knowledge with my internal team and external customers in the areas of IT infrastructure design, implementation and IT operations.  Having previously led a large technical as a Regional Technical Director, I am confident in heightening Pro-Datech’s technical services to meet and exceed beyond customers’ expectations.

paetrick sq

Mr. Paetrick Chua

Senior Manager, Enterprise Sales Group

Responsible for Pro-Datech's overall sales and business development, and to manage the sales team in proactive engagement with partners and customers in the various industry sectors. I have overall 12 years of experience in IT, and more than 7 years in Pro-Datech progressing in various positions as engineer, pre-sales consultant and currently heads the Enterprise sales team. I have the advantage of having technical knowledge, expertise and sales experience. Hence I am confident to lead and build the team to better understand and engage with customers, and provide optimal solutions to meet their needs and maximize their benefits.




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