Cloud computing has emerged as a leading solution for IT managers who need to maximise their computing resources and budgets.

Pro-Datech has the experience and know-how to optimise IT infrastructures and determine the best course of action to leverage on the potential benefits of cloud computing. Our strong foundation in automation, virtualisation and provisioning coupled with our trusted partnerships with leading Cloud Computing technology vendors can help provide the fastest possible return on your investment.

Pro-Datech provides 2 primary Cloud Computing Services:

Cloud Readiness Assessments: Pro-Datech Solutions will help determine your requirements around security and connectivity, and make recommendations for the best configuration and cloud model.

Cloud Computing Design and Implementation Services: Pro-Datech Solutions will develop a complete cloud computing model unique for your organisation, and help plan, configure and test the new strategy inside and outside your data centre walls.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Significantly reduced time to introduce technologies and innovations
  • Cost savings in labour for designing, procuring and building hardware and software platforms
  • Cost savings by avoiding human error in the configuration of security, networks and the software provisioning process
  • Cost elimination through greater use and reuse of existing resources, resulting in better efficiency.
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