If your day-to-day IT workload has become more than your current IT staff can handle, our skilled and experienced consulting team can provide you with expert advice regardless of your operating systems or server platforms - just like they have for many other Pro-Datech customers.

Support and training: Pro-Datech provides training and support for all of our solutions. We customise these services according to your needs. So you can take advantage of on-site training, vendor classroom study, 24/7 telephone support or any combination of the three.

Maintenance: Pro-Datech provides ongoing system maintenance services to ensure the availability and manageability of your critical systems.

Education: We can provide IT and end-user education services to help optimize the productivity of your people and maximize the ongoing value of your IT systems.

Financing: When it comes to completing transactions, Pro-Datech provides several financing options including leasing, floor financing, and other options available through leading vendors.

Datacenter Virtualisation
Data & Storage Management
Security & Network Infrastructure
Provident365 Managed IT Services