Virtualisation has become essential in today's business environment and it is easy to understand why: the availability, utilisation and dynamic capabilities that virtualisation can provide offer tremendous advantages over standard IT infrastructures.

Our Experience
Pro-Datech has been a pioneer in virtualisation - helping organisations architect, plan and implement virtualisation strategies for well over 7 years. We understand that virtualisation is not just a method to consolidate servers; it is a strategy to architect an IT environment that can respond to any challenge. A solid virtualisation strategy can allow you to fully utilise all IT elements within your organisation regardless of platform, location or budget.

To date, Pro-Datech has been responsible for implementing more than 50 mission critical virtualisation solutions for our customers. This vast experience plus our continual training and knowledge of best practices in the industry gives us the ability to effectively architect virtual infrastructure solutions for any requirement.

Our Partners
Pro-Datech provides best-in-class virtualisation solutions utilising technology from global partners such as VMware, HDS, NetApp, Symantec, Veeam and WYSE.

Our Expertise
Pro-Datech has a staff of certified architects and engineers who conduct "Virtualisation Workshops" to assist our customers with their virtualisation needs. In addition, Pro-Datech's partner demo centre houses dozens of virtualisation solutions and is available for live demonstrations and proof of concepts.

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