Through years of deployment experience, Pro-Datech has adopted a best practice engagement methodology, which processes four distinct phases - Assess, Design, Deliver and Manage. Each phase is structured to verify conformance with customer requirements for a more detailed understanding and better control of outcomes, from start to end:

Pro-Datech's Engagement Methodology


The first step starts with assigning a project team, consisting of an Account Manager, Project Manager and Consultant, to each of our clients. Our project team will then document, verify and respond to the client's business requirements. Upon gathering the information, the discovery process to develop a suitable systems solution begins.

Next, Pro-Datech will bring together the relevant experts and vendor partners to craft and design a new systems solution that reflects client's business requirements. Our project team will create a client proposal specifying the solution deliverables and the services required to produce them. Upon agreement of the proposed solution design, an implementation timeline is forecasted.

After defining the most suitable implementation plan, the Pro-Datech project management office (PMO) will generate a statement of work that serves as a project plan and services contract. Project scope, schedule, deliverables, budget and assumptions are defined and project is executed.

A Pro-Datech IT Solution is complete only after it has been validated, tested and verified in the client's business environment. This is where the appropriate, technical and training documentation are integrated with deliverable project materials and reviewed with the client to verify solution manageability and success. The project is closed upon client's acceptance that all solution requirements have been fulfilled.


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