Datacenter Consolidation

Pro-Datech's Server Consolidation Solutions can help simplify your organisation's IT infrastructures, accelerate growth, reduce costs and improve performance by customising a consolidated yet flexible infrastructure with fewer, more powerful systems that can adapt to your changing business needs.

  • Reduce the cost, time and effort required to manage overly complex infrastructures
  • Allow IT staffs to focus on innovation rather than supporting the infrastructure
  • Reduce downtime with security, high availability and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Improve service levels by delivering leading compute performance

Datacenter Virtualisation

Virtualisation lets companies get more value out of their information technology investments by letting them divide their physical infrastructure in ways that let people, applications and other devices use them seamlessly as though they were a single resource.

Virtual Desktops

Reduce your desktop management and purchasing costs by bringing virtualisation to your desktop. With VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, you can utilise your virtualistion investment to provide the same great stability, efficiency and performance to your desktop.


VMware Virtualisation Solutions

Pro-Datech's consolidation services using VMware software helps create a virtual infrastructure that enables workload isolation and better resource control for all of a system's computing and I/O resources. By consolidating physical systems in the data centre onto virtual servers with VMware's virtual infrastructure, Pro-Datech helps your business experience:

  • Lower total cost of ownership of servers
  • Higher server utilisation
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Improved manageability

Physical-to-Virtual (“P2V”) Jumpstarts

Pro-Datech's P2V Jumpstarts quickly and efficiently expose your staff to a proven methodology to move and consolidate existing physical servers into virtual machines. Pro-Datech's certified Engineers can help create a process to convert existing servers into virtual servers within the shortest timeframe possible. Giving your business greater freedom and operational flexibility, in no time at all!

Virtualisation Appraisals & TCO Analysis

Through the understanding of your current inventory of servers, their workload and utilisation, Pro-Datech's certified Engineers are able to identify opportunities for consolidation, model a consolidation plan utilising virtualisation and conduct a total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis. Pro-Datech's Virtualisation Appraisals identify the potential savings that can be generated from consolidating an existing physical IT infrastructure into a virtual infrastructure. So you will be able to have a clearer picture on your return on investment and the benefits you will enjoy.

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